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Tips To Avoid Getting Ripped Off

Ready, set, shop online! But wait!!! You need to know how to protect yourself from getting ripped off. Learn how to protect yourself with these tips.

A lot of being a savvy online consumer is common sense, but if you are new to online and online buying you may not know the facts. Here are things to look before, before you enter your credit card number.

  • Look for the secure transaction symbol on your screen before entering your credit card number. This will look like a padlock on the very bottom of your browser. Do not enter credit card information without seeing that symbol.
  • Check for a money back guarantee from the seller and the product's warranty before buying.
  • Use a credit card instead of a bank debit card. Credit cards will usually help you if you are ripped off.
  • When you make a purchase online, get some proof that you did. Right click on the page that shows what you ordered and your information, select print. Keep the print out and record the date and time on it. If you don't receive your ordered items, you will know when you purchased and the order number.
  • Try to determine if the company is genuine before ordering. Does it have brick and mortar stores? Does it have a good reputation? If you have never heard of the company, it does not necessarily mean not to order from them. But you should check them out a little further. You can contact The Better Business Bureau and The National Associations Of Attorneys General online to investigate the company.
  • If you go to one of the popular auctions, be sure to check the feedback area about the seller. Auctions like Ebay, keep a log of customer complaints and comments on the seller.

There are also many ways that you can check out the product online before you buy. If you are contemplating whether or not the item is safe, you can check their safety record with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. You can find out about toys and what type to buy for the age group by looking at recommendations.

Buying online is generally safe, cost efficient, and easy to do, but just as in the real world, you need to protect yourself. When you buy from a road side dealer, you are a little more careful about the value and whether you can get your money back on an item. Since, Internet stores can be put up by anyone very easily, you need to exercise the same care.  

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